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Titel: The rules
Bericht door: Jeroen Kooijman op 13 februari 2014, 22:46:17
Some rules we like you to respect:

* Respect each other, treath some one the way you would like to be threaten.

* Personal disrepectful messages will be deleted without notification.
* Messages only containing smillies will be deleted.

* Keep off topic replies to a minimum.

* Typ in normal English.

* Read before replying.

* When a message is older then 1 month, only reply when your message adds important information.
* No swearing or bad language is allowed.

* Follow the instructions of an administrator or moderator.

* Instructions or comments from an administrator or moderator are not debated.

* Messages can be deleted or modified by an administrator or moderator without notification.

* Advertisements for other boards can be posted only with written consent from an administrator.

* Pictures posted on are copyrighted by the owner, only use these picture with written consent from the poster.

* When posting a picture from the internet or another source, always ask permission from the copyright holder or place the picture under a link.

* Please keep the scientific way of writing a scorpion name, genus with a capitol and specie with a small letter.
Example: Pandinus imperator or P. imperator